Liability insurance

1) General liability

Subject matter of liability insurance is the legal liability of the insured for damages resulting in death, injury to the body or deterioration of health, as well as damage or destruction of items belonging to third parties. With this insurance damages are covered that can occur from your activity and operations, from possession of buildings and items, from legal relations as a source of potential risk. At the same time, damages are covered that are consequence of lease or usufruct of land, buildings and premises used for performing of the activity. If agreed specifically, with this insurance the following can be covered:

  • theft and disappearance of items;
  • pollution of water and soil;
  • use, i.e. possession, lease or usufruct of: land, buildings and premises, which are used exclusively for the purpose of insured activity or occupation;
  • liability of the investor and contractor of construction works;
  • sole property damage.

2) Professional liability

This insurance covers damage claims of the client for damages occurred due to professional error and omission of the insured during performance of its registered activity and for which the insured is legally accountable. Professional liability insurance covers the following subclasses:

  • Accountants professional liability insurance
  • Medical professional liability insurance
  • Notary public professional liability insurance
  • Lawyers professional liability insurance
  • Auditors professional liability insurance
  • Bankruptcy trusteeprofessional liability insurance
  • Professional liability insurance for land surveyors
  • Design engineering professional liability insurance
  • Professional liability insurance for construction contractors
  • Professional liability insurance for installers
  • Tour operators & travel agents professional liability insurance