Insurance of vehicles

1) Motor third party liability insurance
Motor third party liability insurance covers civil and legal liability for damages caused to third parties when driving a motor vehicle. This practically means that the damage caused by the driver (who possesses Motor third party liability insurance at the time of the occurrence of the damage) to a third person shall not be at his own expense, but at the expense of the insurance company which issued his policy.
In addition to the basic Motor third party liability insurance you can also obtain:
– Additional accident insurance for the driver and the passengers;
– Partial CASCO insurance (glass).

2) Green Card
When traveling beyond borders of the Republic of Macedonia with your own vehicle, you are obligated to provide a Green Card for your vehicle, which, in fact, is an international certificate of insurance providing visiting motorists the minimum Motor third party liability insurance cover in all European countries that are members of the Green Card system.

3) CASCO insurance
CASCO means insurance against damage caused to your own motor vehicle. This policy actually covers the damages that you may be responsible for. Unlike Motor third party liability insurance, CASCO insurance is not mandatory – which means that the insured person can voluntarily buy this policy with the intention of protecting the motor vehicle against various types of damages:

– Traffic accident
– Theft and unlawful seizure
– Malicious actions
– Fire, lightning strike, explosion
– Damages caused from objects falling on or hitting the vehicle
– Weather disasters (storm, flood, hail, avalanche)

4)Border insurance is available for all foreign vehicles, i.e. vehicles of domestic and foreign persons registered abroad that must enter the country but do not have a valid green card. In such cases border insurance is issued which replaces the possession of a green card for the foreign vehicle. Border insurance is obtained on the basis of the applicable terms for Motor third party liability insurance. The premium is calculated and charged in foreign currency and this insurance is valid only for the territory of the Republic of Macedonia. – Public events and protests