Property insurance

Your business is exposed daily to various risks, thefts, weather disasters or accidents.

The insurance of the property of legal entities covers several different types of insurance for small and medium-sized companies, as well as other legal entities, and provides full coverage against all risks that legal entities may face while performing their business operations. Thus, functioning of one legal entity and maintenance of solvency are guaranteed even in case of damage of buildings, equipment, machines and stock as well as the rest of the property.

Unpredictable events, which often are of great intensity, unfortunately cannot be avoided in large number of cases, but the huge financial losses resulting from occurrence of insured events can be avoided.

Choose some of the offered insurances or tell us your needs, and we will create an appropriate solution for you.

1) Fire insurance and insurance against some other risks

The main risks include: fire and lightning strike; explosion (other than a nuclear explosion); water leakage from water and sewage installations; storm; hail; impact damage to insured buildings by insured’s own motor vehicle or powered industrial machinery; falling aircrafts; public events and protests.

2) Earthquake insurance

You can insure your business premises and items within them against damage caused by an earthquake.

3) Burglary and robbery insurance

This insurance provides protection against the execution or attempted burglary and robbery, as well as vandalism during the execution of burglary.

The following can be insured:

  • Movable items in buildings or premises, furniture and devices in offices, eateries, healthcare institutions, institutes, boarding schools and the like;
  • Money, valuables, securities, tax and postage stamps and other valuables, collections and the like;
  • Stock reserves, raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, auxiliary consumables and small inventory in industrial and trade enterprises, eateries and warehouses, trade shops;
  • Money and other valuables during their transport or transfer;
  • Museums, exhibitions and public libraries.

4) Insurance of machines against breaking and other risks

This type of insurance provides insurance protection against damage or destruction of insured items from accidents in the plant.

The following can be insured: machines, machine devices, electrical devices and their charge (if the value of the charge is included in the value of the insured items), appliances and installations with their base, support and foundation (if their value is included in the value of the assembly).

5) Glass breakage insurance

The following can be insured: all types of glass; illuminated signs and advertisements; neon and other flashing tubes.

6) Combined insurance of computers and computer equipment

This insurance provides insurance cover for the complete hardware computer equipment.

Insured entities may choose between two coverage packages:

Package 1 – covers fire damage and some other risks; machines against breaking, burglary and robbery

Package 2 – covers fire damage and some other risks and burglary and robbery

7) Insurance of buildings under construction and installation

Insuring of buildings under construction and installation provides protection against unforeseen events or events occurring suddenly during the process of building and installation of facilities.

The following can be insured: residential, commercial or industrial buildings, roads, hydropower facilities and the like.