Insurance broker company AM BROKER AD Skopje with headquarters on 16-ta Makedonska brigada No. 2 was established in accordance with the Law on Insurance Supervision with Decision No. 07-1-1011 of 26.12.2013 issued by the Insurance Supervision Agency of the R of Macedonia. The company started its business activities on 20.01.2014. The Company’s main activities are as following:

  1. Risk analysis and assessment – risk recording
  2. Full insurance service that covers:
  • Consulting services i.e. providing advice on insurance coverage depending on your needs or the nature of your business;
  • Providing organization and opting for insurance company on the basis of the proposed conditions for different types of insurance coverage;
  • Providing assistance in expanding and proposing insurance products for you and optimizing your insurance coverage in terms of price, product and timing;
  • Performing analysis and assessment of the proposed offers for insurance, giving proposals for choosing of insurer and various options in relation to insurance coverage types and division of risks;
  • Preparation of the agreed information and documentation as requested by the insurance company;
  • Keeping continuous contact with you and providing timely information regarding possible changes in the general conditions for insurance of the insurance company.
  1. In the moment of occurrence of insured event (damage) the company provides:
  • Full customer service in case of insured event occurrence;
  • Trusted person by the broker company that will constantly be at you side when the damage assessment is performed
  • Assistance before relevant bodies regarding completion and submission of the necessary documents
  • Quick settling of damage claims.


AM BROKER AD offers you:


The most important thing for you is that the use of our professional services is free of charge and in no way increases the amount of the insurance premium because insurance broker receives his commission based on a contract with the insurance company.

AM BROKER AD works on your behalf and for your account and as professional participants in the insurance market we are well acquainted with the financial situation, the policy and the characteristics of the insurance companies that operate on the market.

AM BROKER AD provides intermediation services regarding purchasing of all types of insurance products, such as property insurance, transport insurance, liability insurance, insurance of persons, insurance of motor vehicles as well as various combined insurance packages.

Quality insurance at lower prices

We know in detail the general conditions for insurance of different insurance companies. While protecting your interests, we opt for most favorable tariffs and insurance conditions. Based on this, we propose the most favorable insurance coverage and we can reach agreement with the insurance company to reduce the insurance premium and improve the conditions.

Time saving

We are ready at all times to provide free consulting services for you and to answer all your obscure questions about insurance. You can use our professional experience in liquidation of damages, which would speed up the payment of your insurance indemnity.

Using our services you save time, money and energy, and you get an experienced and professional partner.

The cooperation with AM BROKER AD Skopje starts by signing the Authorization with which you authorize the Insurance broker company AM BROKER AD to intermediate in the process of concluding a contract for insurance of your property and goods, and it includes as well mediation and assisting in settling of damage claims before the insurance companies.

Authorization (.pdf 390kb)